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Eat that, Kstew!

In your face,you will never win an Oscar.

no strings attached

yesterday before sleep i finally watched the movie No Strings Attached and it’s really good!! Natalie Portman always lovely with Ashton Kutcher!! i loved it! ;)

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"He said his name was… Thor."
I want to see it again!! I’ll try to download tomorrow! ;)

I’m going to watch the Oscars!

I'm rooting for 

  • Natalie Portman win the Oscar for “Actress In Leading Role”
  • The Social Network win the Oscar for “Directing” and ”Writing (Adapted Screenplay)” 
  • Toy Story 3 to win “Animated Feature Film”!

I didn’t see The King’s Speech but I think it will win ”Best Picture”! I saw Inception and I liked it but I don’t believe it will win “Best Picture” because of the others competitors!! and I hope that Harry Potter get something! Harry Potter deserves an OscarAccioOscar ;)

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 10 Best Picture Oscar Nominees

Black swan :  Directed by Darren Aronofsky
- I was perfect…



so i finally watched ‘Black Swan’ last night. oh my god, i can’t even describe how much i liked it. the entire time i was wrapped into the whole movie. let me just say how amazing Natalie Portman is, she played that role so good. anybody who hasn’t seen this, go watch it!

I went to see this movie today and it’s really amazing!!! I understood why so many people who saw the movie, loved it and went to see again!! there is no words left to say how good is this movie! now i know that Natalie Portman deserves the Oscars for Best Actress because she did a beautiful and difficult work on this! “anybody who hasn’t seen this, go watch it!" ;)